19 is a Weird Age

Hello world!

A week ago today, I turned 19 and entered the last year of my teenage years. 19 isn’t a very monumental age, and considering this was the first birthday since my big 18th birthday party, my birthday this year felt weird.

For starters, it didn’t really feel like my birthday. It’s not like I didn’t celebrate it; I went to Disneyland with my boyfriend and a couple friends the day before, and on the day of I enjoyed a nice dinner with my family, but for some reason it hasn’t hit me that my birthday came and went. It felt like any other day, really.

In addition, I felt sad on the days leading up to my birthday. I have no idea why; I’ve never been sad around the holiday season, as the festivities and the spirit of this time of year usually uplifts my mood. But, to be honest, the days leading up to my birthday (and some days immediately after), I’ve gone to bed crying, feeling upset and empty for no apparent reason.

It’s the reason I stopped blogging for a bit for the past two weeks. I feel slightly better now, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things before my sadness took over, but I will admit that it was strange, this year. From the way my 19th year of life has been going so far, I thought that this was going to be a terrible year. But I’m determined to manifest only positive thoughts and hopefully recover from the terrible start of my 19th revolution around the sun.

Here’s to hoping 19 won’t be that bad.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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Merry Christmas

Hello world!

Today is December 25th, so Merry Christmas to everyone reading this post (and a Happy Holidays to anyone who doesn’t celebrate)! I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday with your families and friends.

Anyways, Blogmas 2018 is now over, and I’ve done… 11/25 days. I didn’t have time and frankly was not in the mindset to blog these past few days. My mental health has declined significantly since I’ve gone home for the holidays and it’s felt like things haven’t gone my way at all. But the Christmas season has lifted my spirits tremendously and I’m trying my best to stay positive.

Anyways, this is just a short post to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. I’ll be back soon hopefully; I want to start blogging again and expressing my feelings and thoughts.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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Self Care: Staying Healthy During Finals Week (Blogmas Day 11)

Hello world!

I’m currently in the midst of finals week, and I got sick.

I don’t even know how it happened, but I’m so prone to getting sick, especially when I get stressed out. So of course I would get sick during finals week.

I know this could have been easily preventable if I had just worked harder to be healthy, so for today’s post I want to list some ways to stay healthy during finals week.

get lots of sleep, and sleep at a reasonable time

I struggled with this the most and would often have trouble getting to sleep, especially if I knew I would have a lot to do the next day. I recommend getting to sleep at a reasonable time and sleeping a good amount of sleep every night; sleep is more important than your academics, always.

drink lots of water

Another thing I struggled with was making sure I drank enough water. I would often drink less than one bottle a day (which equates to about 2 glasses of water), which would lead to dehydration headaches. Make sure you drink enough water because a lot of fluids is good for you, especially when you do start to feel sick.

eat 3 meals a day

I would often skip meals in order to study more, saying I would eat once I finished studying one section, finishing that section late at night when everything was already closed, and resort to not eating. It’s a terrible habit that I need to get rid of, especially because it makes me feel even more terrible when I do get sick. Make sure you eat three meals a day and snack every once in a while, just to make sure you have food in your system.

know when to take a break 

Adding on to the last point, I would go hours studying without breaks, which was not only unhealthy physically but took a toll on my mental health as well. There’s more to life than that one good grade on a test; make sure you prioritize breaks and spending time to relax, hang out with friends, and eat.

take your vitamins

The last tip I have is to remember to take your vitamins. I often forgot to take my vitamins as I would be in a rush to get out of the room in the morning, but I needed to remember that I have them for a reason, and I shouldn’t be neglecting them anymore.

Those were just a few tips for staying healthy during finals week. If you have anymore, comment them below. I have a feeling I may need them.

Good luck to everyone taking finals! We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas, we just have to get through the week!

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

Izzy ◡̈

Music Monday: Twenty One by Greyson Chance (Blogmas Day 10)

Hello world!

Happy Music Monday! I don’t know how often I’ll be doing this “series”, if you will, but I’ve been obsessed with this song lately so I figured today was a day to post my thoughts about it.

I’ve been following Greyson Chance since he was discovered back in 2010 by Ellen DeGeneres, and I’ve been able to witness his musical growth from a teen pop sensation to developing a more indie, electronic sound.

“Twenty One” is his latest single, and his last release before his full-length album Portaits drops early next year. Its composition is fairly simple, mostly relying on a tambourine and drum. It’s a far cry from his other tracks, which normally have a lot going on instrumentally.

Lyrically, Chance paints a picture for his listener, immersing them in the middle of a party. It gives the listener a look into Chance’s mind, as well as the thoughts of his friends around him. It’s a feel-good song and embodies the idea of feeling forever young, even though as the song says, we only have one year to be 21. It gives me a sense of nostalgia, almost, even though I’m still two years away from being 21.

The song is extremely catchy and makes me think of the parties I’ve been to so far in college, which have been some of my favorite memories since I arrived back in September. Not to mention, it’s the first time Chance has openly addressed his sexuality in his music. It makes the song feel so personal and so real. It’s why I’ve been so obsessed with it lately.

You can listen to the song here:

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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My Secret Santa (Blogmas Day 9)

Hello world!

Last night, a couple friends from college and I held a Secret Santa gift exchange. Even though we are all broke college students with little to no time on our hands, we were still able to get each other cute little gifts to continue to spread the Christmas cheer.

One of my friends, Elaine, got me, and her gift certainly didn’t disappoint. She tried to get some of the items I wanted most off my wishlist while still keeping within the $20 limit. I got a scented candle and a set of a mug and fuzzy socks.

I absolutely adored the present. As I mentioned, I love scented candles because they help me relax, and I love fuzzy socks because my feet get cold. I didn’t need a mug per se, because I already brought two mugs with me to college, but the mug that came with the socks is so cute I may end up bringing my mugs home and just use the one she got me instead when I’m in school. It’s perfect for when I want to make myself a nice cup of tea or some hot chocolate, especially in this winter weather.

I absolutely love gift exchanges around the holiday season. It makes it so much more fun and I always love seeing what I’ll get.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

Izzy ◡̈

Spreading Christmas Cheer (Blogmas Day 8)

Hello world! I am so sorry I missed a couple days of Blogmas – I had posts in my drafts prepared, but some personal things came up so I have been unable to finish writing and posting them until now. I’ll be posting four days work of Blogmas posts today, hope you don’t mind!

Hello world!

Tonight I had the pleasure of going Christmas caroling with PCE’s choral group. It was a pretty last-minute decision, and we had only had about three or four practices before going out and caroling, but we came out in our favorite Christmas sweaters and sang our hearts out.

We went to a retirement home close to campus and performed for a group of elderly men and women. We sang six songs in total: All I Want For Christmas Is You, The Christmas Song, Let It Snow, Baby Its Cold Outside, Last Christmas, and an a capella version of Silent Night.

I will admit it was a bit awkward at first, because we were standing in front of them waiting for our cue to start. But it was so worth it when we sang and saw their faces visibly light up.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and I’m glad we got to spread some Christmas cheer. I wasn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit until tonight; I was stressed over finals, dealing with a lot of other personal issues, and my mental health was starting to decline, but singing my favorite Christmas songs instantly lifted my spirits and made me feel happy. It was possibly the best way to spend a Saturday night.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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Unpopular Opinion: I Actually Enjoyed the Quarter System (Blogmas Day 7)

Hello world! I am so sorry I missed a couple days of Blogmas – I had posts in my drafts prepared, but some personal things came up so I have been unable to finish writing and posting them until now. I’ll be posting four days work of Blogmas posts today, hope you don’t mind!

Hello world!

Today, Friday, marks the official end of classes for Fall Quarter. And wow, that was fast.

I knew the quarter system would fly by – after all, we only spend 10 weeks learning an entire college course. But while I was initially worried and on edge that I would be overwhelmed, to be completely honest with you, I liked the quarter system a lot.

Many of my peers often complained about the rigorous nature of the quarter system and how it moved far too fast for their liking, but I enjoyed how quickly the time passed. It always kept me on my toes and motivated me to work harder than I ever have before – I think I spent more hours studying and doing work this quarter than I did my entire senior year of high school.

I don’t know if I’ll always feel this way; after all, I got lucky this quarter and only took 14 units, with all my classes meeting between 8-2 PM from Mondays to Thursdays. I got stressed out and overwhelmed the first week of school, but eventually I fell into a pattern and was able to efficiently manage my time. If I was productive and didn’t mess around too much, I was usually able to be in bed by midnight.

This quarter I tried to reinvent my studying methods and get rid of the bad habits I developed in high school. I forced myself to do homework the day it was assigned, walking to the library immediately after class and starting it then.  I actually did the class reading, and took notes on it, even when I knew we weren’t going to be quizzed on the material. I also would write my notes not one, but three times: I would write out my notes hastily in a composition notebook, type it up on my OneNote, and then rewrite it neatly and put it into a binder. It helped me retain the information for long-term memory. I changed from a notorious procrastinator into a responsible student in a single quarter.

While in the midst of my studies, I also managed to get a job as a desk assistant in one of the residential halls. This helped me get work done, as it gave me an environment to do work without being distracted by social media and other devices. I also found a home in the Pilipino Cultural Exchange, a cultural club on campus. I devoted all the other free time I had to the club. I looked forward to our weekly meetings on Wednesday nights and practically lived in the first floor of the library, where I would socialize and study with other members of the club.

I will admit, I did slip a bit. Even though I was putting hours of work into my education, I didn’t always get the results I wanted. The first midterm grade I got back was for my statistics class and I scored a 71% on it. I wanted to cry, because I studied for hours and I thought that because I changed my old ways I would start getting better grades. But college doesn’t always work that way. I learned that I wouldn’t get everything handed to me like high school, and that I had to work even harder to get the results I desired. And sometimes, I couldn’t obtain those desired results, and that’s okay. As long as I continued to put in the work (and go to class, something I need to work on for future quarters), I would be fine.

Overall, the past ten weeks have been nothing short of busy. But I kind of liked it. I can’t imagine my life without the quarter system.

Here’s to a successful finals week and future quarters to come.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

Izzy ◡̈